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Why is it important to prepare for a deal

Buying an apartment is one of the most expensive transactions in a person’s life. And one of the rarest, so there is often simply no experience in this area. And there are a lot of risks in its commission.

Even if you make a deal with a neighbor with whom you have lived side by side all your life, remember: there may be pitfalls in every story, and the price of a mistake is incredibly high.

If you have already found a real estate specialist, agree on the most important things: what exactly he will check before the transaction, what documents he will help to prepare, how much his services will cost.

If, for example, the budget is strictly limited and does not allow you to attract a realtor, do not despair. Use Sberbank’s Turnkey Transaction service. It will help to conduct a transaction safely and simply in a situation when the seller and the buyer have already found each other and need professional support to support the transaction.

Check the participants of the transaction

BMake sure that in front of you is the person who has the right to make a transaction: his data – surname, first name, patronymic, passport series and number – match the data specified in the documents for the apartment. Check the validity of the passport, pay attention to its external condition. Nothing should alert you.

Why is it important to check

Fyodor found a charming apartment, its owner turned out to be an equally charming woman. Fyodor did not carefully check the owner’s documents — so as not to offend the lady. We made a deal, Fedor moved into the apartment, and a week later the doorbell rang. The real owner of the apartment was standing on the threshold. It turned out that her passport had recently been stolen, the apartment was her only home, of which she certainly did not know about the sale. Sadly, most likely, Fyodor lost both his apartment and money.

If the «Turnkey Transaction» service is used

We carefully check all participants of the transaction, their authority to commit it and the legality of its terms. In addition, at the transaction itself, the manager once again carefully checks the documents of its participants with the help of special equipment.


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