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Work permits, all procedures.

We want to inform you about the most common procedures and permits that may be needed for construction. It is important to note that the requirements and procedures may vary depending on local laws.

Necessary work permits.

– Construction: it is a license issued by the local authorities (municipality or state government) to carry out certain works. A full set of design and technical documentation is usually required, as well as payment of applicable taxes.

– Demolition: If your project involves the demolition of an existing structure, it is mandatory to obtain a demolition permit.

– Earthworks: If deep foundations or trenches are involved, an earthworks license is also required.

– Utility Connection: If your construction project involves a utility connection (water, sewer, or electricity), you may need to obtain permits from the appropriate utility providers.

– Occupation of the public way: if your project involves the occupation of the public way for construction works (scaffolding or storage of materials), you must obtain the permit for the occupation of the public way from the local authorities.

– Environmental protection: permits must be obtained for environmental protection (environmental impact assessment and waste management).

– Historical heritage: if your project is located in a protected area or has historical value, you must obtain a heritage permit.

Usually, the construction company will take care of the management of the necessary licenses to carry out any construction or reform, to guarantee the legal and safe start of the project, as well as the maximum peace of mind and satisfaction of its client.

It is especially important to have highly qualified specialists in continuous training.