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Why buy property on the Costa del Sol?

Costa del Sol is a popular Mediterranean coast in the Spanish province of Malaga in the autonomous community of Andalusia, located in the southern part of the Iberian Peninsula. The total length of the coastline of the resort region is more than 150 km.
The Costa del Sol is a real piece of paradise, beautiful landscapes, mountains, coves and an incredibly wide variety of beaches.
The average temperature throughout the year in the region is +17 ° C, and the sun's rays heat more than 300 days a year without frosty winters and hot summers. The sea water temperature is +25°C during the summer months.
The region attracts homebuyers not only with its many attractions and amenities, but also with a developed real estate market with growth potential. Real estate on the Costa del Sol is one of the most common and profitable investments, and is in high demand, both among the residents of the country and attracting more and more buyers from other countries. Many famous people have purchased summer residences and villas here.
On the Costa del Sol, you can easily combine peace and quiet with all the amenities and numerous entertainments of upscale resorts. Many properties are in demand all year round for rental to vacationers. The modern infrastructure of resort areas and cities, high-quality roads contribute to the development of the real estate market, the constant improvement of infrastructure on the coast.
There are many reasons to buy property on the Costa del Sol. Among the main advantages of the resort Area it is worth highlighting:
Stable political and economic situation;
Modern and high-quality resort infrastructure;
More than 10 million tourists visit the coast every year, which has a positive effect on the economic development of the region and the local real estate market, the construction of new residential complexes;
The region is characterized by a fairly high level of international investment. With proper investment in real estate, you can not only save, but also increase capital;
Mild climate and picturesque nature;
The region has a huge number of historical and cultural attractions;
In addition, on the coast there are many fashionable showrooms, boutiques, nightclubs, discos, bars, Michelin-starred restaurants;
The riviera is very rich in sports and entertainment facilities, there are many equipped ports for sailing, a huge number of first-class golf courses for an exciting aristocratic game, tennis courts, football and basketball courts.