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When buying property in Spain, apartments are in high demand, and this is a fact.

What it is? Many consider apartments to be an ordinary flat, but the differences are quite significant. In structure - they are very similar, they are several rooms combined in one building. But when selling such housing, the main thing is not the size of the area, but the presence and number of bedrooms. For example, indoors with two bedrooms there may be additional nurseries, dining rooms, living rooms, etc., therefore, apartments are almost always larger than the flat, and, accordingly, are more expensive.

We will help you to buy apartments on the coast of Spain – agency INMOLUX

Such housing is very common in urban areas. Buying apartments in Spain is possible everywhere except in rural areas. They are located in multi-storey buildings (above three), with excellent infrastructure, security zones, a common swimming pool for all residents, parking lots for cars and playgrounds. Buying apartments in Spain is considered an excellent investment and a prestigious enterprise. They can often be rented, rented for several months or weeks, and in resort regions for shorter periods. Long-term rent is usually issued in large business centers, large commercial buildings on higher floors. INMOLUX will provide first-class services for the selection and purchase of apartments on the Costa del Sol in Spain, at the best price. Full transaction support in Marbella, Malaga, Estepona, Benahavis, Tenerife, etc.

Inmolux Real Estate~: Land in Spain - purchase nuances

INNMOLUX Real Estate will help you to buy a land in Spain for housing or building a commercial . We have been working in Spain for more than 10 years and have already helped thousands of owners to find their homes or build a house on their own land. We will select plots in the attractive resorts of Costa Bravo, Costa Del Sol, in Andalusia or Barcelona and their environs for a villa, hotel or restaurant, we will provide qualified legal support for the transaction and its cleanliness.

What is important to know when buying land in Spain

  1. Transactions for the sale of land in Spain are regulated by the laws of the country. Land classification and purpose are taken into account: Urbana - ready for development, with paperwork. They are located in the city, have good opportunities for quick communication. Urbanizable - also located within the city, in housing complexes, however, are not included in the permitted building plots. To draw up documents, you have to go through many instances. Rustica - agricultural land, or in protected areas. These land in Spain is not subject to development.
  2. When buying land in Spain, it is better to start work in the year of registration, then the amount of tax on the purchase is reduced from 18% to 8%.
  3. Land in the foothills and far from the sea is cheaper. Also, the price of plots is less on rocky soils unsuitable for landscaping.
  4. Buying multiple plots in one area will be cheaper. The cost per unit area is greater if the plot is less