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The real estate sector is an opportunity to get alternative income to payroll, savings or future retirement

500 Spanish individuals have been asked about their plans in the real estate sector, 45% plan to buy to invest while 78% would like to do so to achieve an alternative source of income. Among 500 citizens from different Autonomous Communities, it is clear that 83.7% see the real estate sector as the only way to invest their assets effectively.
Despite the rise in interest on mortgages, the hardening of mortgage loans and in some cases the rise in property prices, the real estate sector continues to be the main objective of Spaniards who want to invest to achieve a stable source of income. Real estate investments can generate a high return of up to 9% through the purchase of homes to rent or through the purchase and sale of properties. Additionally, income generated from rentals can provide a stable and predictable source of income.
71% of those surveyed say that housing is the only value that offers them stability today. The real estate sector is considered a safe and stable investment due to its historical tendency to increase in value over time. Although there may be fluctuations in the market, long-term real estate has proven to be a stable investment that can provide a solid return on investment.