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The architectural styles on the Costa del Sol

The architectural style on the Costa del Sol is a combination of innovative trends, modern architecture, glimpses of the Mediterranean character, functionality and technology. However, there is a type of design that prevails in this luxurious area - houses with a modern architectural approach, predominantly white and dominated by right angles.
They have no ornaments. They usually have large windows and other glass surfaces, open and bright spaces, and finishes in materials like chrome or steel. Sometimes there are examples of super luxury villas where these structures are insulated using wood or stone.
Those wishing to buy a home on the Costa del Sol have an extensive catalog of properties of the highest level. There are plenty to choose from, from plots to make your dream home a reality, to new builds or older homes undergoing a complete refurbishment.
There is a tendency to merge the two styles (modern and classic Mediterranean) which has certainly given rise to interesting and attractive designs. Costa del Sol is a territory full of architectural gems of all kinds, from the most classical to the most avant-garde. Now the new creations seem to want a touch of individuality without giving up on the linear and minimalist look that is a sign of luxury and exclusivity.
The fusion of styles shows that a luxury home must have its own personality. Added to this is the common denominator of many houses in the region. It consists of an avant-garde aesthetic style, using the latest technology to ensure comfort and safety.
Without abandoning the character and identity of Mediterranean homes, many new constructions feature panoramic windows and infinity pools. Modern inspiration goes beyond the traditional white house. Counterpoint now appears using dark wood or stone pillars. It strikes a balance with Mediterranean and warm undertones against the sophistication and coldness of the most avant-garde minimalism.
However, on the Costa del Sol there are projects and types of houses for every taste. This enclave allows, like no other, to enjoy magnificent views of the mountains and the sea. Golf courses are scattered among the luxury complexes, and the fairways are lined with flower displays, hedges and palm trees. If you want to buy a property with a modern architectural design or a different style on the Costa del Sol, please contact us.