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Real estate lawyer. Why it is important?

The real estate lawyer is a professional who provides a wide range of real estate legal services.

He consults on a variety of topics: real estate buying and selling, real estate planning and development, construction, property management, real estate auctions, and property dispute resolution.

A real estate attorney's job may include reviewing and drafting purchase contracts, leases, mortgages, and other legal documents related to real estate.

They can also advise clients on zoning, planning and regulatory compliance. In addition, they can represent their clients in legal disputes such as property disputes, construction disputes, and lease disputes.

The target audience for real estate attorneys is diverse and includes: property buyers and sellers, real estate owners, developers, builders, and tenants.

Information that is the responsibility of a real estate lawyer:

Access to information about the property (your ownership history, its current market value, its features and construction details, as well as any pending ownership issues);

Access to information about transactions that have taken place in relation to the property, including details of sales, leases and financing;

Access to legal information (local property-related laws and regulations, building codes, zoning rules, etc.);

Access to financial information (information on mortgages, liens, taxes and any other debt or financial obligation related to the property). Property laws and regulations vary by country and jurisdiction, so real estate lawyers must be familiar with local laws and practices in their field. Our company will be able to offer you the services of highly qualified real estate lawyers on the Costa del Sol.