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Free fact-finding trips

Free fact-finding trips

  • Learn all about the elite resorts of the Mediterranean on a familiarization tour!
  • All properties on the Costa del Sol—a “live” inspection of the best of catalogs!
  • Inside Spain—choose a Costa Del Sol Property on a free tour!
  • Houses and villas in Spain: you choose—we formalize!
  • Apartments on the Costa del Sol—your choice without worries!

The fact-finding trip on the south of Spain

Have you decided to buy property in Spain? The Costa del Sol is a worthy choice! So that you can learn more about the region locally, INMOLUX organizes FREE FACT-FINDING TRIPS in Spain to get acquainted with the real estate and infrastructure of the selected areas.

You will be able to truly appreciate the selected facility, not looking at photos, but having studied the features of the area, seeing everything with your own eyes.

Arrival at the airport and accommodation

You will be met by our employee and taken to your apartment or hotel. You will be able to relax and adapt, so that the next day to begin the trip.

Sightseeing tour of the region

During a sightseeing tour of the area, you can get an idea of the area, examine the infrastructure, roads, learn about schools, restaurants, etc.

Facility selection

Our manager will offer you a selection of real estate in advance so that you could select the most attractive facilities for you. You can choose a certain number of facilities so that we can make a travel plan for exploring the area.

Facility demonstration

We organize trips to apartments or villas for inspection. You will be able to familiarize yourself, seeing everything with your own eyes, and, in doing so, spend a minimum of time. We will answer all questions regarding the real estate.

Advices of independent lawyers and banks

If it´s necessary, we will arrange meetings with independent lawyers to clarify the nuances of real estate registration, obtaining mortgage loans, and during the construction of a villa or house—a contract for a construction license.

Opening a bank account and NIE registering

Accompanied by our manager, you will visit the bank to open an account, where a symbolic deposit should be made, and an income documents should be provided. And in order to get a foreigner identification number (NIE), you will visit the police department for foreigners accompanied by the manager.

Transaction support

After the main part is over, you will find out when the transaction could be made, and on what day you can receive a document proving your ownership.

The minimum period for processing these procedures is 1 week.

Throughout the trip you will be accompanied by managers who speak Spanish, English, and Russian.