High yield commercial real estate in Spain

Our company works with individuals and legal entities for the sale and leasing of commercial real estate in Italy. Spain is the most favorable country for investment in commercial real estate. The government has done everything possible to support foreign investors at the legislative level. Specifically, these are all kinds of benefits for taxation, the provision of a residence permit for the purchase of real estate worth more than 500 thousand euros. Acquisition of commercial real estate in Spain will become a reliable investment and a base for increasing your income. The company INMOLUX will provide potential buyers with advice on the state of the Spanish property market in the commercial sphere. If you are interested in investing, we will tell you at what point in time it is better to invest in the hotel, restaurant sectors or office real estate. The purchase of commercial properties in Spain will bring profitability in tourist cities, independent of the holiday season. For foreign entrepreneurs, equal rights are provided here with citizens, tax systems work absolutely transparently and allow you to plan expenses. By renting commercial property in Spain for a long term lease, you can earn income to cover a mortgage loan. Having real estate in the country, you can apply for a multi-visa and move around Europe, eventually get a residence permit. We will help you purchase cafes, bars, restaurants, bistros, pizzerias, shops, boutiques, venues for targeted trade, office premises, service facilities.

Property on the coast of Spain - first line

The first line of real estate in Spain on the coast is the dream of everyone who loves the sea and the Mediterranean climate. The four most developed coasts of the country represent the richest assortment of objects with a luxurious location, rich furnishings and almost perfect infrastructure. This is the Costa Blanca, Costa Brava, Costa del Sol, and Costa Dorada. On the white shores of the Costa Blanca in the province of Alicot, there are more than 300 sunny days a year. The sea here is the warmest in Europe. Here is the Russian-speaking city of Torrevieja, which can already be considered a province of Russia. Costa del Sol is translated as "shore of the sun." These are the most prestigious resorts in Spain. First line property reaches fabulous value. On the first line of hotels, the cost of apartments can reach up to a million dollars. The southern part of the Mediterranean from Malaga to the Strait of Gibraltar has a length of 300 km. The most famous resort of Marbella, is a symbol of resort property on the coast of Spain. On the coast of Catalonia from the north is the resort of Costa Brava, which means "wild, rocky coast." This area from the French border to the city of Blanes is the most developed economically, there are quite high prices for real estate in Spain and booming business life. Another golden coast is the Costa Daurada, on a small stretch of the Balearic Sea, that for real estate on the coast of Spain from the North-East there are long and gentle beaches with sifted sand, ideal for a beach holiday on the beach.